video installation

We brought the mysterious Dutch artist’s ‘wonderlands’ of to life in an introductory film beamed onto the museum’s 9m x 6m staircase as visitors arrived. And invited John Malkovich to lend his voice. For the sixth – and last – room of the exhibition, we blew up a tiny etching of a tree by Segers and animated it. This installation of the tree gently blowing in the wind was a mesmerising final flourish. After its debut in Amsterdam, the project travelled to the Metropolitan Museum, New York.

exhibition design

The exhibition design, spanning six rooms of the Philips Wing, was in our hands. We enhanced the visitor experience by creating two video installations. And we devised a unique lighting plan, incorporating LED projectors – specially developed for museums by Philips Lighting – to frame each artwork using only light.
Typography by Irma Boom Studio

outdoor/online communication

Billboard & social media campaign

Part of a Bigger plan